This is a lighthearted take on the UK Government public health advice broadcast released in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. As an experiment, the video is written in Dundonian. I wanted to explore the connection between local dialect and engagement with public health messaging.  

These are the  insight results pertaining to this video:

  • 143,600 people reached
  • 6,800 engagement

These results were all achieved without any spending on Facebook advertising. This demonstrates the power of speaking to people in their own language and dialect.

You can view the original Facebook share by clicking here

I’m going to discuss a few reasons why making videos using local dialect can have more impact . Firstly, people love to hear the voices of their peers. Secondly, there are some phrases that bind us to the people we live and identify with. Of course there is a fine line and a video could become too colloquial if this was overdone. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to model their behaviour on those around them rather than being guided by facts alone. Moreover, the pick up of public health messages increases if we see others adopting those behaviours. In conclusion, some of the power of language is tied up in hearing a familiar voice.
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